DELLA 048-GM-48196
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Overall Rating: 4.9/5

The demand for ice machines is one the rise, and we can find new models on the market every year. There are all kinds of ice machines, some are meant for a home, others can produce large quantities of ice suitable for a nightclub, or a cocktail bar. 

The DELLA 048-GM-48196 is a larger ice machine that can produce up to 100 pounds of ice in a day. You can easily provide ice for hundreds of drinks on a full ice bin. Let’s see what this machine has to offer.

Product Features

The DELLA 048-GM-48196 is considered to be a mid-sized ice maker mostly used in restaurants, hotels, and cocktail bars. It produces all the ice you need, but it looks great too. The stainless steel finish makes it look classy and high-tech. You can put it in any kitchen, and it will fit in nicely. It makes an attractive built-in unit, but you can use it as a freestanding unit, and it still looks great.

Now let’s get to the most important part – the ice. Since this is a mid-sized model, it can produce up to 100 pounds of bullet ice cubes every day.

You can forget about dealing with those tricky ice trays for good.

With such a large amount of ice being produced every day, you need a big, well-insulated ice bin, right?

This model has a 35 lbs ice bin that’s going to hold your ice for as long as you want.

If you want to use this machine in a restaurant or a bar, you should know that it produces ice automatically. You only need to turn it on the first time, and the machine will keep making ice until the bin is full. The automatic process will then shut the production down until you empty the bin and put it back in place. The ice production process will start automatically and continue until the same thing happens again.

The DELLA 048-GM-48196 was built to last.

The outer shell is made out of durable stainless steel, but the machine also has a built-in ambient temperature responsive fan motor and a compressor protection system that ensure that it works perfectly for a very long time.

Unlike many smaller models, this one needs to be connected to the drain because it produces large quantities of ice.

The light indicator on the front shows you the level of the water in the reservoir. If it’s running low, you’ll be alerted to add some more. The machine also beeps when the ice bucket is full. Remove the ice and place the bin back so the machine can make more.

ice cubes

What Makes the DELLA 048-GM-48196 so Special?

Compared with other models, this one stands out because of its stainless steel finish and the amount of ice it can produce in a day. Other ice makers are also capable of putting out 100 pounds of ice per day, but most of them are far more expensive than this one.

Also, when we combine all of the features, we can come to a conclusion that this ice maker has everything needed for creating crystal clear quality bullet-shaped ice cubes.

Furthermore, if you want your ice machine to last for decades, you can be sure that this machine won’t let you down.

All of the components are made out of the best materials and the automatic processes and safety features it has will keep it working for a very long time.

The only thing you need to do is clean it out now and then, just to make sure that the ice doesn’t contain any impurities.

The light indicator located on the front of the machine is also a nice feature. It makes a beeping sound when the ice bin is full and when you need to add more water.

Connect it to a water source and the machine will do everything automatically.



Produces up to 100 pounds of ice per day


Stylish stainless steel finish


Great for restaurants, wet bars, and clubs


Produces ice automatically


Looks great as a stand-alone device



Can be a little noisy


Needs to be connected to a drain


If you own a restaurant or a bar and if you use a lot of ice every day, the DELLA 048-GM-48196 is an awesome choice. It can produce up to 100 pounds of ice a day, which should be more than enough for most businesses.

Overall, this is an ice maker that looks good, works well, and lasts for a long time. It’s definitely a good investment.