Orien FS-55IM Ice-Machine
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Overall Rating: 4.0/5

Orien FS-55IM Undercounter Ice Machine is a pretty large device, weighing around 113 pounds. It is relatively tall, so it can be versatile – it can either be built-in with the rest of the kitchen appliances, or it can be freestanding and independent. The decision is left to the user, and the model even comes with reversible doors, so any kind of placement scenario can be resolved with ease.

It has “front breathing” unit, which is basically a front exhaust and this also meant that the device can be built-in in close contact with other objects, as long as there is free space in front of the ice maker. Stainless steel doors with full-length handle are ergonomically designed and built with superior quality while the black cabinet gives a nice contrasting touch to the overall design of this undercounter ice machine.

Unlike some other models, Orien FS-55IM Undercounter Ice Machine requires a gravity drain, which means that customers will need help from a professional plumber to install the machine and avoid any flooding.

Extra water will leave through the drain, and when it comes to incoming water – experts and manufacturers recommend that an in-line filter is placed to remove any minerals or impurities that may be present in the water.

Since Orien FS-55IM Undercounter Ice Machine can produce up to 44 pounds of clear ice per day and store up to 25 pounds, many users will gladly place the filter so that the impeccable purity of their crystal-clear ice cubes remains the same.

When it comes to additional features and extras, Orien FS-55IM Undercounter Ice Machine has several “fancy” options available for users who want something more from their ice maker machine.

For example, this model comes equipped with auto defrost option and automatic overflow protection, which means that the device will stop running when it detects that the storage bin is full. This option is very useful and it also boosts safety points of Orien FS-55IM Undercounter Ice Machine, making it a safe and reliable machine.

Also, recent years have seen the rise of “green homes”, i.e. environmentally-friendly houses that save energy in many different ways.

These houses require appliances that use less energy and also those that do not pollute our planet, and Orien FS-55IM Undercounter Ice Machine is CFC-free, which makes it an Eco-friendly machine.

Orien FS-55IM

People who care about our environment will certainly appreciate this fact and this is also a strong boost in the customer base size of this model. But, people who are “not that much into the green stuff” will also be satisfied with this undercounter ice machine since it is reliable, durable and nice looking.

Also, it produces a large quantity of crystal clear ice cubes while making very little noise, which makes it a good option for bars and restaurants that like to provide their guests with a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere. In the same time, these facilities will be able to offer ice-cold drinks and fresh food, simply because their ice storage will be constantly filled with ice cubes.