avalon bay abice26s ice maker
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Overall Rating: 4.1/5

What could be the best possible reason for someone to get an icemaker machine? Most people use it because they have a need for fresh frost all the time. If you are in the same situation where you need to have fresh ice all the time, this product might come handy to you.

Since this machine is tiny, it is perfect for all kinds of spaces. You can get up to 26 pounds of frost in one day, which is more than enough for parties and various gatherings and meetings. It is a compact portable icemaker that can be fitted anywhere.

An interesting fact is that this icemaker machine produces ice in a bullet shape rather than cubes and that could ensure some additional fun while cooling down your drinks. You can get the first frosty bullets in 6 minutes. With this small but powerful machine, your worries about ice can go away because you will never run out of fresh frost. Another thing worth mentioning is that this icemaker is just perfect for personal use.

Product Features

Avalon Bay has some compelling features. From its compact design to its efficiency, it has proven to be a quite useful little machine. Small, it can be easily fitted into any spaces. It has a cooling compressor that starts producing ice in just six minutes.

Portable and Reliable

This is a portable device, and there is no need for plumbing in. After you plug it in and add water, the icemaker is ready for use. It will start producing first frost bullets in about 15 minutes. It’s a simple machine meant to give you instant results without any installation.

The dispenser is hassle free, and you will be able to know when you need to add water or if the ice basket is full, by reading the indicator lights. That way, you can never run out of fresh ice in your home or office. Since this machine produces frosty bullets rather than cubes, your friends or guests will have some fun with that too.

Lots of Ice Real Fast

The difference between Avalon Bay icemaker and other freezer ice makers is the speed of making ice and the capability of producing larger amounts of it in a shorter period. That is why this portable ice machine is so highly efficient. And this icemaker is perfect for camping and vacations too because it is a lightweight machine, weighs just about 20 pounds.

AB-ICE26S can produce nine frosty bullets every 6-13 minutes. It has a capacity for large production, and it can produce two different sizes of bullets, small and large. Indicator lights will warn you when it is time to add water or when the bullets are ready. It’s quite easy to maintain this machine because of the bottom drain. The unused frost will just return into the water reservoir after it melts down. This product has been labeled as environmentally friendly icemaker machine because it uses R-134A refrigerant which is eco-friendly.

What Makes the Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S so Special?

There are a lot of features that are making this product, so special but making bullets instead of cubes is one of those features. The fact that it is a portable device contributes too, and its powerful cooling processor is highly efficient.

Plenty of Ice Production

With the capacity of 26 pounds of frosty bullets per day, it is safe to say that you just cannot run out of cold drinks. You can get frosty bullets every six minutes, and the device looks really modern. Avalon Bay is very small, and it is easily manageable.

Very Useful Light Indicators

The indicator lights will notify you of the water change or when the basket is full, and you can get a free scoop and a basket, along with the 12-month warranty.



26 pounds of ice per day


Powerful cooling compressor


Hassle free dispenser


Free basket and a scoop


Produces frosty bullets rather than cubes


Free basket and a scoop



The product can be malfunctioned


The taste of ice can be unpleasant


The device can stop producing ice after one use


If you are looking for a highly capable and powerful but small icemaker that will serve its purpose the best when you need it, Avalon Bay AB-ICE26S Portable IceMaker could be the product that could suit your needs the best. This is one of the best portable icemakers that your money can buy, and this powerful unit can produce ice in just six minutes. Choose two different sizes of your frosty bullets and have some fun with your friends and associates. The convenient design and free basket and scoop will add to the experience.