Undercounter Icemaker $1000 Scholarship

undercounter icemaker scholarship program

Innovation, good ideas, and sheer knowledge are the three core elements everyone should strive for. We have decided to give you a chance to prove yourself by writing inspiring and quality articles related to ice makers. The rules are pretty simple, straightforward, and most importantly – comprehensive. Therefore, you don’t need any specific knowledge; we want to give a shot to anyone who’s interested in expanding their general awareness related to these machines.

If you’re interested in competing for a pretty stimulating prize, go ahead and read the rules of this contest, you’ll find them pretty simple and easy to fulfill.

Who Is Eligible for This Competition?

Individuals that are 18 years or older
Students attending any college or university
Citizens of the United States, or lawful residents currently living in the USA

The Subjects

We have prepared three different topics related to ice machines. Your job is to provide as many insights and information as you can while keeping the material exciting enough. As you can see, we are not looking for sheer technical information and uninteresting data. Instead, we encourage creativity, innovation, and artistic freedom.

Pick one of the three following subjects:

The History of Ice Making Machines
The Science behind Undercounter Ice Machines
Health Benefits and Hazards Related to Ice and Ice Makers

How Do I Apply?

The sheer simplicity of this program is what makes it so great. We don’t require or ask for any documentation or information that you don’t want to share with strangers. Instead, we need the following:

Your full name
Your phone number
Email address
Name of the university you’re attending

The following agreement in the attached document:

I hereby approve and authorize undercountericemaker.org to use, publicly display, and edit articles written by me. Therefore, undercountericemaker.org has absolute rights over the material I have written and sent.

I am 18 years of age or older, eligible and qualified for this particular program.

The material should be sent as an email attachment. Please, send the file in .doc(x) extension, other extensions will be ignored. The article should not contain less than 900 and more than 1000 words.

The Prizes

We are offering a fund of $1000 divided into three prizes:

1st prize – $500
2nd prize – $300
3rd prize – $200
The winner will get notified via email by undercountericemaker.org staff. A check will be mailed immediately after you’ve been proclaimed a winner.

Privacy Concerns

The contact information we require is solely used for communicating purposes.  The staff will NEVER use your personal info for any other purposes but the ones specified above.

A Few Words of Advice

We are willing to help you a bit with getting started or getting a general idea of what to cover in your article. The first thing you should think about is how to keep the article on an easy-to-read level. In simpler words, try mixing the technical data (which is pretty uninteresting for the most part) with some thrilling or unusual facts. A good writer always offers an exciting piece of information that many people don’t know about.

Formatting is paramount. We didn’t put any limits when it comes to the format of your article. It means you can use italic, bold, underline, and other eye-catching techniques to increase your chances. As you might assume, it’s not all about endlessly writing familiar things; it’s about catching one’s attention.

If you’re using other websites as a source of information, make sure to leave a link in the “Sources” section of your article. Copy/paste techniques WILL NOT be tolerated. Every document that we receive will get analyzed with premium copyright software; therefore, plagiarized work will be ignored and deleted.