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Overall Rating: 4.3/5

Have you ever wondered how beneficial it would be to have an icemaker in your home for exclusive parties and gatherings when you run out of cold drinks?

Well, you do not have to worry about it anymore because the perfect solution is coming your way. There is a high demand for icemaker machines lately. They can produce a pound of ice per one hour and are ideal for situations where you need cold drinks all the time.

With this in mind, it is time to introduce the Portable Counter Top Ice MachineTG22. Even though there are many models and brands out there, this one is the best portable icemaker that you can get. Here are just a couple of reasons why you would want to buy this one if you have not already seen the countertop ice machines commercial.

When you are making up your mind about a product such as this, you will first notice the way it looks. This countertop icemaker could win your heart because of the super flashy combo of ABS housing look and stainless steel.

Product Features

Impressive Capacity

This product is made out of stainless steel, and it is capable of producing 26 pounds of ice per day. According to ABS Housing, this icemaker is just perfect for your premises or home because of its stunning appearance and design. It is also portable and does not need any additional plumbing in which means that once you install it, you can start using it right away which increases your efficiency to cool drinks in a short period of time.

It is safe to say that this is more than just a top-rated domestic icemaker. This is because this counter top machine can make ice cubes every six minutes. And not only this but you can choose the size of your cubes.

There are three different sizes, small, medium and large using a unique front selection panel. This product is straightforward to handle. It does not need any plumbing in. All you have to do is plug it in, add water and enjoy the results. One year warranty ensures that you are set up for the first 12 months, and you can get a free ice scoop that comes with it.

Fast Ice Production

If you are having a party and you suddenly run out of cold drinks, there is no need to worry because Portable Counter Top Ice MachineTG22 will start producing ice in just a couple of minutes.

Low noise cooling compressor is what makes this automatic icemaker so efficient. Since you can get a free scooper, the distribution of freshly produced ice cubes in three different sizes will surely become a hit among your friends and business associates.

What Makes the Ice MachineTG22 so Special?

Different Cube Sizes

The feature that makes TG22 icemaker machine so unique and stands out in the sea of similar products is its amazing ability to produce three different cube sizes. But even more than that, it can do it in just about six minutes.

In addition to everything aforementioned, this icemaker is also portable which basically means that you can just plug it in and it is ready right away, plain and simple.

Fantastic Design

There is no easier solution to your problems with cold beverages shortage. The combination of ABS look and stainless steel makes it look gorgeous, and it is a really useful and quite handy ice making machine for homes and offices. You will be able to easily control it by using the LED indicators and the control panel.

Nothing can beat this professional grade icemaker. After you are finished with using it, the unused ice will only melt and run down a special water reservoir where it will be ready for using once more.

Portable and Easy to Use

Another thing that makes this product so special is the fact that you can use it anywhere you can power it. That is possible because the device is tiny and compact with lightweight it is straightforward to move around if needed. It doesn’t have too many options which make it easy to use.



Needs no plumbing in


Low noise compressor cooling system


Front electric control panel


The ability to make different cube sizes


Professional grade icemaker


ABS look and stainless steel


12 months warranty





The possibility of dysfunction in a few months


Some of the units could be broken upon delivery


Problems with noise while it works


The Portable Counter Top Ice MachineTG22 proved to be highly efficient when it is most needed. With outstanding features like low noise cooling compressor, LED indicators and electronic control panel, free ice cube scooper, three different sizes of cubes and 26 pounds of ice per day, this amazing portable machine will serve its purpose in the best way possible, guaranteed. If you need ice, just add water, plug it in and let the magic happen. It is just perfect for family gatherings and parties.