della portable ice maker
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Overall Rating: 4.2/5

Nowadays, everyone needs to have an icemaker in their homes because everyone loves to drink their favorite drinks with a cube of refreshing ice. Having an icemaker machine has become a normal thing because they make ice much faster and more efficient than you would with your regular freezer. Probably the one issue is that you have to choose one device from a large selection, and picking the best one can be hard if you don’t know what to look for.

Fortunately for you, we have the solution and the answer for all your ice issues. The Della Portable Top Load Electric Ice Maker is considered to be the best ice machine in the whole world because it has some very unique features. We will now talk about some of those special features.

Product Features

This product as mentioned before has a lot of unique features that are making it very desirable. These features are made just to further improve the efficiency of this device. This device is not like the machines that you see in cocktail bars or restaurants because it is far smaller, but that doesn’t mean that it is not efficient enough.

6 Minutes

6 minutes is all that is takes to get fresh ice from this machine. This is considered to be one of the fastest icemaking machines in the world.

Whenever you have some unexpected guests coming over, you don’t have to panic if you don’t have ice. Just pour some water in this device and in just 6 minutes you can serve them a refreshing drink.

Compact, Convenient and Fast

These three words can be used to describe this product the best possible way. First of all, the device is compact, with a small body that has a lot of hidden power inside. The size of this device will allow you to easily find a place where to put it. Usually, it will fit on any counter top in your kitchen that’s why it is considered to be one of the best undercounter ice machines.

It is also very convenient to use, you just pour some fresh water in the tank of the device and wait a few minutes, after that you will have freshly made ice cubes. Don’t let the size fool you because this device is very fast, you should judge it by the outside. If you want to get fresh ice, it will be much faster with this product than to go to the store and buy it there.

What Makes the Della so Special?

This device is better than any other ice crushers at Walmarts because it has a lot of different features to offer. All of those features are making this product very special and desirable. Here is a short list of things that this product offers.

2-Sized Cubes

When it comes to ice, one thing that is very important is to have different sizes because some drinks are better served with smaller cubes. Therefore, to avoid that problem, this product offers you the option to choose from 2 types of cubes, a small one, and a bigger cube. This way you can serve drinks with either small or big cube.

Water Tank Sensor

The water tank can hold up to only 2.3 quarts of water, but you don’t have to check the level every time you want to use it because this unit is coming with a built in alarm sensor that will monitor the water level inside the tank and notify you when it is time to fill up the tank with fresh water. This is a very helpful feature that will save you from a lot of stress. Every time the water level inside the tank will get low, the device will automatically notify you to put new water inside.



Creating Ice in 6 Minutes


Water level indicator


Automatic Overflow Protection


No Installation Required



Too Noisy


Small Water Tank Capacity


Can Hold only 1.5lbs of Ice


Overall this product is great, very easy to use and it doesn’t require any installation beforehand. You just pour fresh water in the tank, turn the device on and wait around 6 minutes to get the ice. In one day, you can get somewhere around 26 pounds of fresh ice, which makes this device very desirable and great for boats, smaller kitchens or RVs.

The quality of this product is also something that needs to be mentioned because it is one of the key features. It has a very modern design that will perfectly fit any new kitchen and the best thing about it is that it won’t take up a lot of space. It is easily portable, therefore you can move it around without any effort what so ever. There are not a lot of controls, so it is very easy to use even if you don’t have any previous experience.