how to clean your ice machine

And what you should know about dirty ice.

Ice Making and Ice Makers are part of our every day life.

In fact, it’s an essential lifestyle factor, from sports and leisure and restaurants and bars to medicine, we all take the process of making frozen water into the shapes and sizes, nuggets, flakes and cubes we love for granted.

There’s nothing like ice on demand at any time of the day or year. From choice of size to the wow factor you want to create in serving your drinks.

And there’s nothing like dirty ice to ruin a sparkling clear glass of your favorite beverage just when you need it. Not to mention the health implications.

How can you ensure your frozen water remains crystal clear?

Cleaning your Ice Maker regularly will ensure bacteria free and odor-free sparkling ice dropping into your glass every time.

clear ice cubes

It’s not a difficult task to take in hand because these handy Ice Maker appliances simply need attention occasionally.

Here’s a hygiene checklist to ensure against dirty ice:

  • Ensure your drinking water source is contaminate-free. Water will become dirty when stagnant and the same applies to ice. We can wrongly assume that because water is frozen it cannot become contaminated.
  • Pay attention to the exterior, the ice chute and any plastic tubing when cleaning.
  • Remove older ice and change the water frequently.
  • Clean scoops.

How to Clean an Ice Maker

Many manufacturers have a self-cleaning mode. As with all appliance purchases read the owner’s manual beforehand and follow the cleaning instructions.

cleaning ice machine

This basic checklist demonstrates how your appliance can easily maintain its great service to you.

  • Turn off the icemaker and disconnect the water line.
  • Wait until the icemaker has finished making ice. Take out the ice bin replacing it with a shallow pan.
  • Unscrew the drain cap allowing water to drain.
  • Replace drain cap securely on the water pan.
  • Pour your manufacturer’s recommended bottle of icemaker cleaner into the water pan. Refill the bottle twice with plain water and pour into the water pan.
  • Return ice bin to the freezer.
  • Select the CLEAN setting on the icemaker’s control switch. Allow machine to run through a cycle.
  • Throw away ice.
  • Remove ice bin and replace it with shallow pan.
  • Unscrew drain cap and allow any remaining liquid to come out. If cleaning liquid comes out, return the drain cap and the ice bin and allow the ice maker to cycle once more.
  • Remove the ice bin and the ice.
  • Turn on the water supply. Return the bin and set the icemaker to on position.

There really is nothing like ice on demand. Giving that occasional attention to your Ice Making machine will all become crystal clear to you when you watch those sparkling shapes tumbling into the ice bin day after day. Customers, friends and family might not be aware of your attention to their frozen water but your own wallet, hygiene and health and safety will remain thankfully, clear and spotlessly clean!